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Welcome To Bangladesh Bureau Of Shipping


Bangladesh Bureau Of Shipping, Inc. is a private company dedicated to ship's inspections, surveys, audits, certification and technical services worldwide on behalf of flag Administrations, complying with the standards and requirements set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the relevant national legislation.



Give our clients the top class service of certification and surveys of merchant ships by the intervention of qualified technical personnel to ensure the improvement of the shipping industry through the establishment of standards and quality management system, mainly focusing on maximizing marine safety and minimizing the impact of pollution from ships.


MissionBe the best option in the market for inspection and certification to merchant ships, meet the requirements of our customers by continuously evaluating and improving our quality system to ensure that their expectations and required technical support are in accordance with the standards and regulations set, guaranteeing quality and safe navigation.

Maritime News

Green Alliance reorganises service network


The Green Alliance (formerly CKYH) - COSCO, K Line,Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp and Hanjin Shipping - is reorganising its Asia-North Europe,Asia-Mediterranean and Asia-US east coast trade routes........ Read more...

B B O S News

Bangladesh Bureau Of Shipping, Inc., satisfactorily passes its annual ISO 9001:2008 verification

image Nov 29, 2012

Recently Bangladesh Bureau Of Shipping, Inc. satisfactorily passed its annual ISO 9001:2008 external verification by the accredited certification body Mist GROUP. Read more...